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Happy New Year 2019: Images, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings And HD Wallpapers


Happy New Year 2019: Isn’t an amazing time when we are equally happy and sad? You must be wondering – how’s that even possible being happy and sad at the same time? Well, it is Happy New Year 2019. Yes, we are ready to bid goodbye to 2018 and are all set to embrace 2019 with wide open arms. The year that is going far from us has brought us many indelible memories to cherish for the entire life. For souls who have had a not-so-amazing-year should bury the past moments and concentrate on turning this NEW Year 2019 a remarkable one.

There are numerous ways to start the New Year. One of the most cordial ways begin is by sending Happy New Year 2019 wishes. After the frenzied Christmas week where most of you must have been indulged in booze, parties, foods, attending guests, etc., all that you wish is to relax a bit. You might not be in a great mood to begin that electrifying atmosphere again; however, just by sending a sweet New Year wish, you can surely bring smiles on the face of your near and dear ones. This is the best way to celebrate Happy New Year 2019 without putting a lot of efforts.

Happy New Year Messages 2019

It does not seem to be a fantastic idea just by visiting some friend’s home and exchanging gifts, does it? Well, to start the process, you can simply send him or her a beautiful, sweet and lovely Happy New Year 2019 message. This is a great way to greet someone before hugging and gifting. Happy New Year messages 2019 can uplift a dull and monotonous moment to a cheerful and exciting one. Try this, you will love it.

Happy New Year 2019 – Coming into Being That Never Existed

This is absolutely true, what say! A New Year brings a lot of expectations, hopes and wishes. Even though we celebrate Happy New Year with much zest and enthusiasm, every time it gives us hope to live better and we make plans for future. This is like we are coming into something for the first time that actually never existed before. So, why not mark the moment with Happy New Year wishes and greetings 2019?

Happy New Year Wishes 2019

Your friends and colleagues have started sending Happy New Year wishes and you don’t know where to find outstanding Happy New Year wishes 2019? Take a deep breath and narrow down your search for the most vibrant Happy New Year 2019 quotes right here. Our team of highly-trained professionals have piled up an array of lively, animated messages and quotes to help you express your side of love and care. What are you waiting for? Click on the link below and get exposure to hundreds of wonderful Happy New Year images 2019.

New Year brings new hopes and expectations. This fetches another opportunity to realise your dreams. Accept all the challenges that prevented you to achieve your goals in 2018 and with the grace of the Almighty, you are surely going to surpass all the hurdles this year. We also have many Happy New Year 2019 sayings and thoughts meticulously created for you.

Happy New Year Quotes 2019

“Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make it Happen. Happy New Year 2019”
“A Fresh Start and a Long Way to Go”
“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one”

Which one did you like the most? Happy New Year Quotes 2019 like these (the above) are available in plenty. No matter what kind of Happy New Year Quote 2019 you like, we have just got you covered. Keep scrolling and get to see many more eye-pleasing quotes and messages of Happy New Year.

From Happy New Year 2019 corporate messages to Happy New Year love quotes 2019, we have created New Year quotes on a wide range of themes.

With the end of this year – 2018 – we pray to God that He will put an end to all the negativities, hurdles and difficulties and ignite new hopes and faiths.

Happy New Year Animated Gifs 2019

When your feelings take a new shape and become visually attractive, not just do people give it a big thumbs up, but they will care for you. If you think we are kidding, let us tell you that you can’t play with your emotions and feelings. So, we have literally worked hard to stun you with an astounding range of Happy New Year animated GIFs 2019. These GIFs are visually appealing and can entice even the most discerning person to take a pause. We are sure that you are going to love them.

Send Happy New Year 2019 animated GIFs to friends and loved ones in a more unique and fascinating way. Show your feelings in a matchless and irreplaceable way. Certainly, animated GIFs are in tremendous vogue these days. With social media tools like WhatsApp and Facebook accessible to anyone, it’s now much easier to send Happy New Year Status 2019 for WhatsApp and Facebook.


Happy New Year 2019 Status for WhatsApp and Facebook

Be it an adult working in a corporate world or an old man working in a government office, it won’t be startling to spot them with a smartphone. But what’s more common between these two is the massive use of social media tools like Facebook and WhatsApp. Keeping this in mind, the tech geeks have come up with numerous beautiful, stunning and exquisite Happy New Year status 2019 for WhatsApp and Facebook.

If you have not tried this yet, why not check out our colossal assortment Happy New Year quotes 2019 for WhatsApp and Facebook? This New Year you are going to try new and innovative stuff, and you gotta start with Happy New Year messages 2019 for WhatsApp and Facebook.

Invite friends for a dinner, party hard, enjoy drinks, spread happiness and don’t forget to wish Happy New Year 2019 when the clock ticks 12.

10 Ways to Celebrate Happy New Year in Style

Attend an Open-air Event:

One of the fascinating ways to mark this global event is by attending an open-air event. This is massively popular in the western hemisphere, and the rest of the world seems to be following the footprints. Such open-air events can also be termed as ‘street parties’ where you get to see musicians, singers, DJs and other artists performing live on the streets. Such events are free to attend (at some places, you need to purchase tickets). Places like Sydney Harbour in Sydney (Australia), the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France), Times Square in New York (USA),the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (Germany) and Central London in London (England) garner massive attention.

Hit the Dance Floor of a Dance Club:

An amazing way to ring in the New Year, apart from updating Happy New Year status 2019 or sending Happy New Year messages 2019, you can hit the dance floor with your friends. Look for a club that has the renowned DJs. They will play the best music to make you groove along.

Formal, Upscale Events:

Attire yourself in formals and be a guest at an upscale hotel to spend New Year’s Eve in a special way. Most swanky hotels and restaurants in the city adopt this formula to entice more and more audience. For such events, they bring jazz bands, orchestras, musicians and popular singers. You might have to purchase tickets well in advance.

Become a Gambler at Casino:

If you develop the perception that casinos are famous for playing cards and slot machines, you are surely mistaken. They are well-known for some other prominent attractions. Amongst them are Merry Christmas and New Year celebrations. If you city doesn’t have a casino, fly down to Las Vegas. The best place to have the ultimate fun is Las Vegas. They rightly say – ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’. Staying on another planet? Just wish your near and dear ones with Merry Christmas 2018 messages and Merry Christmas quotes 2018.

Warm House Party:

This is that time of the year when you get a plenty of party invitations from your friends, relatives and office colleagues. Choose which party fits the bill because it is New Year and you don’t want to spoil it. House party can really be warm and ecstatic when friends around. Dig in to delicious delicacies and drinks!

Dinner with friends:

Though in most occasions you invite people over and have a party with sumptuous foods and drinks, this is not going to be the same when the New Year is around. It is certainly one of the most cherishing moments, and the vibes are positive and blissful. Either you arrange dinner party for them or take them to a posh restaurant, it is always worth it.

Mark the Moment with Cultural Tradition:

Did you know that in Greece people celebrate Happy New Year by baking a cake and hiding a coin in it? At midnight, they cut the cake and commemorate the moment by eating it. Whosoever gets the cake piece with the coin in it is believed to have been blessed with god fortune.

Most European countries like Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Estonia, etc. have their set of cultural traditions for this special day. So, this is the tradition of Greece. In which country have you been born? If your country doesn’t have a tradition, you can simply download our sweet Happy New Year wallpapers and images 2019 and send them to your loved ones.

Make New Year’s Resolution:

Be it a family goal or a personal one or a commitment, this is the ultimate time to make resolution. It is undeniably the best time to come together and set some goals in life. The ambiance is so energetic and vibrant that taking a decision or setting a resolution finds no better time. Some of the resolutions that one might make this Happy New Year 2019 are going on more adventures, spending time with families, keeping records of your life in a diary, starting a family game night, doing regular exercise to stay fit, etc.

Toast with Drinks:

Not a bad idea at all! Many families especially in the USA adopt toast with drinks style to observe the moment. It’s kind of a ritual where drinks are considered as an expression of goodwill or honour. The term ‘toast with a drink’ can be applied to a thing or a person so honoured.

Home Alone:

When the above ideas don’t work for you, just stay at home, watch TV and enjoy the moment. People who stay far from their native place can observe the occasion by having a drink at home. While enjoying drinks, you can wish your friends and families by sending Happy New Year Animated Gifs 2019.

We have compiled a list of amazing and super stunning Happy New Year Wallpapers & Images 2019, Happy New Year Status 2019, Happy New Year Messages 2019, Happy New Year Quotes 2019 and Happy New Wishes 2019 only for you. Each of these images and status look as vibrant as colourful. Go through the GIFs and give a hearty laugh and send them to colleagues only to expect similar expressions from them.

How to Celebrate Happy New Year 2019?

First of all, bid a happy farewell to the year that just past by and be thankful to the god for everything in the last one year and welcome the year that is coming up with open arms and promise yourself that you are gonna do better than the last year.

Now, let us welcome Happy New Year 2019 by celebrating it and enjoy this day to the fullest and here I am listing down some ways of celebrating it besides sending best Happy New Year 2019 messages.

PLAN A ROAD TRIP To Celebrate a Happy New Year

This new year, plan a road trip with your friends or family or solo to some exotic locations and enjoy the fresh air the nature that comes by. A road trip is the best solution to release the stress boredom that comes with the current day fast moving city life and it has answers to our questions we often ask to ourselves & difficult in choosing options.


If you are a dance/music lover, Going to a club/pub/hotel who are organizing New Year events can also be a good way to celebrate this New Year. Go to any of this place and enjoy the music, dance, dj, etc. that comes with the event. Participate in open mic/dance events and enjoy to the fullest.


If you are not comfortable in going outside to celebrate this New Year, arranging a house party by inviting your friends is the best way out. You can make this party interesting by planning host of music, dance, etc. fun events and spend some beautiful time with your well beings.


If you are an adventure loving creature, go to a nearby hill-station and go for trekking, camping. Go for river/beach rafting and make some unforgettable memories.


Making some resolutions and promising them to execute them in a disciplined way can be the best start to this awesome year. Going for daily workout, giving up junk food, quitting smoking/drinking, investing, start reading books, can be some of the best resolutions to give a thought.


If you are a charity loving person everyone in general ought to be, go to a nearby slum and spend some quality time with the kids there. Take them to some restaurant and enjoy eating out with them. Offer them some of your dresses, books, etc. that can be useful to them enjoy the day with them.

Send across your friends and loved ones Happy New Year 2019 Gif’s Images and Happy New Year messages 2019 and let them know how much you love them. You can simply check out our wide collection of amazing and witty Happy New Year messages for friends 2019, Happy New Year messages for parents 2019, Happy New Year 2019 messages for lovers, etc.

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